Here's where you can find stuff I've made, from music for various media to original albums and so on. Hope you enjoy! I'll try to keep it up to date, so check back if you like what you hear. You can also check all my news posts tagged music, they will all contain an MP3 or a stream of my music.

Music demo

Here's a selection of 10 songs in diverse styles that demonstrate my abilities as a composer. If you hear anything you like, I probably have more stuff in that style, so drop me a line if you want to hear more!


"TREE OF KNOWLEDGE ~知恵の樹~" is an FM-style chiptune album, by me and coda. We pay tribute to the PC-98, a computer once popular in Japan, and its music both in style and synthesis. Check for more info!
I produced/arranged all the songs on this Touhou arrange album, with lyrics and vocals (and organisation) by Renko! Here is the info page, although right now it's only available in Japan.
Here's the second album by Orange Jam, love montblanc. Once again I produced and arranged all the songs, with vocals, lyrics and general organisation by Renko! Here is the info page (check out the great art by Shu!). It will be released at Comiket 82!

Sound Design

Part one of my sound design demo, which focuses more on a retro/arcadey style, very impactful and stuff.
This is part two, focusing more on the magical weapons and stuff. By the way, both these animations were made by the fantastic Ikejiri Takahisa.


Eternal Daughter is one of the earlier projects by Derek Yu, with music by David Saulesco. Amazingly, that was ten years ago! So he made a fantastic album that straddles the line between tribute and remix, reimagining the entire soundtrack in fully produced orchestral score, and released it as a 10 Year Anniversary Soundtrack.

He asked me to do a remix for the album, and this is the result. I had a lot of fun doing the sample editing, not to mention the NES bridge!

Jimmy Hinson AKA BigGiantCircles was one of the first to ask me to do a remix for his album, Impostor Nostalgia, a chiptune + modern style crossover album. Essentially this lead to me getting into remixing in a big way! Incidentally, this was the only time I used tracking to create a remix of this style--after this I would switch to Reaper (which I love).
I've known Jake "virt" Kaufman for over ten years now, and over the course of our careers we've been able to work together on disappointingly few occasions (we're trying to change this!). I did provide him with this smooth remix for his OST release of Wayforward's Mighty Switch Force (which is hands down my favorite soundtrack by him, and it's Pay What You Want).
I basically owe my game audio career to Ian Stocker, who subcontracted me when he was doing handheld audio. He's since bailed the music contracting business in favor of developing his own retro-styled games, and for the PC release of Soulcaster I & II, he asked me to do a remix for an EP, to be given out to people who bought the Indie Royale bundle he was on.
Here's the second remix I did for Ian Stocker, for the PC release of his second game Escape Goat (or at least franchise, since technically the second one would be Soulcaster 2). I went for a bit of an electro-house sound while retaining the rough digital chiptune sound. I wasn't very happy with this remix when it was done but it has since grown on me!

Other stuff

I met Aivi Tran when I was at GDC 2012, and we talked about collaborating on a piano + chiptune thing. When we discovered we both loved the Mabe Village theme from Zelda: Link's Awakening, we decided to make that one our first project, and this is the result! Hopefully the first of many, because this was a LOT of fun to make. :)

Wow this one's square! Campbell is an amazing artist, and this video covers first 375(!!) illustrations he did for his project, 8 Bit Dreams. I did the NES music which is a remix of this Hyadain original. Enjoy!
This was my entry to Famicompo 5, which won first place! Famicompo is a yearly competition where everybody makes original and cover (in separate categories) tracks for the Japanese Nintendo hardware. In my case, I used the Konami extension chip known as VRC6, probably best known for being used in the Japanese version of Castlevania 3. The competition is fierce, with usually 50 or more entries, so it's pretty awesome that I managed to win one.

Here's something I made for fun! It's an original song, in the style of Totaka's character in Animal Crossing, Totakeke AKA K.K. Slider. I tried my best to capture all the little idiosyncrasies of Totaka's style. It was a lot of fun!

Like I said at the Mabe Village video, it was incredibly fun to work with Aivi Tran, combining piano and chiptune. Thankfully, she felt the same way and we both decided to go to make an album of both covers and originals together. To announce it, we posted this original track, inspired by a small and beloved friend.

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